Feb 17, 2017

 TOP 8 Benefits Of Rose Water

Rose  Water  Toner  is  excellent  for  mature,  dry,  oily  and  sensitive  skin.  It  can  sooth  and  cool   sensitive  and  irritated  skin,  balance  and  cleanse  oily  skin,  rejuvenate,  soften  and  tone  mature   skin,  revitalize  and  add  beautiful  glow  to  the  normal  skin.  It  also  helps  balance  the  skin’s  natural   PH  level,  increasing  the  tone  and  firmness  of  the  tissues.     Rose  water  is  filled  with  anti-­‐oxidants  and  vitamins,  which  helps  prevent  the  signs  of  aging  and   nourish  the  skin.  It  has  natural  antiseptic,  anti-­‐inflammatory  and  anti-­‐bacterial  properties.  It  will   leave  your  senses  uplifted  and  your  skin  soft  and  smelling  delightful.

    I love it !!! I have very sensitive and red skin . This product is amazing the redness on my face went down and now it's a very light pink . I am not afraid to leave the house with out makeup anymore my face looks so good and the acne is barely noticeable. I would absolutly recommend this product !

    Maria A

    How is Rose Water made?

    Rosewater  is  made  by  distilling  rose  petals,  which  results  in  an  aromatic  liquid  infused  with  the   oils  and  essence  of  the  petals.  While  rosewater  can  be  seen  as  a  subtle  and  feminine  perfume,   it  has  many  other  beauty  uses  that  benefit  the  skin  and  hair.  Today,  there  are  many   commercially  developed  skin  care  products  that  have  incorporated  it  into  their  skin  care  lines.

    Soothe,  hydrate  and  tone

    If  you’re  looking  for  a  product  that  does  not  irritate  sensitive  skin  then  Rose  water  is  the   answer!     Its  anti-­‐inflammatory  properties  help  to  reduce  excessive  skin  redness,  whether  from  broken   capillaries  or  general  skin  blotchiness.  Rose  Water  has  hydrating  properties  that  help  to  soothe   dry  and  irritated  skin,  and  is  used  as  a  cooling  treatment  for  sunburns.  It  has  mild  astringent   qualities,  which  makes  a  good  choice  to  remove  excess  oil  from  your  skin  and  tone  pores.  You   can  also  use  it  as  a  cleanser  to  remove  excess  dirt  and  oil  and  keep  pores  unclogged.

    Acne  and  blemishes

    Rose  water  will  help  reduce  pimples  by  removing  excess  oil  from  your  face  and  stopping  the   growth  of  bacteria.  Just  spray  rose  water  on  a  clean  and  dry  skin  followed  by  Ecla  Moroccan   Argan  Oil  and  massage  them  together.  This  method  is  especially  recommended  for  acne-­‐prone   skin  to  prevent  open  pores  and  blackheads.


    Very  few  of  us  know  that  the  aging  of  skin  is  accelerated  by  exposure  to  UV  rays,  pollution,   harsh  weather,  bad  skin  care  products,  stress  and  unhealthy  diet  and  lifestyle  are  all  factors   that  contribute  to  damaging  your  skin  by  generating  harmful  free  radicals  that  can  be  removed   by  the  anti-­‐oxidant  properties  of  rose  water.  However,  for  best  results,  use  Ecla  Rose  Water   followed  by  Ecla  Prickly  Pear  Seed  Oil  (night  serum).

    Dark  under‐eyes

    Soaking  cotton  balls  in  rosewater  and  holding  them  under  the  eyes  can  reduce  the  appearance   of  dark  under  eye  circles  and  puffiness.

    Skin  Benefits

    • Hydrate,  revitalize  and  soften  the  skin
    • Close  skin  pores  which  remain  open  after  cleansing
    • Balance  the  skin's  pH  level  to  battle  acne  and  eczema
    • Soothe  skin  irritations  and  heal  scars
    • Revitalize  aging  skin  and  minimize  the  appearance  fine  lines  and  wrinkles  


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