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ECLA Signature Pack
Give yourself the GIFT for Great Skin at a Great Price!


  • PRICKLY PEAR SEED OIL  0.5 OZ: fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars, large pores and loss of firmness.
  • ROSE WATER 4 OZ: redness, sensitivity, sunburns, dulness and uneven skin tone.
  • FRENCH GREEN CLAY 8 OZ: acne, breakouts, post acne scars, dark spots.

ECLA SIGNATURE PACK is clinically proven to deliver REAL RESULTS!



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ECLA Home Spa Kit
Our Spa Kit allows you to fulfill the best care of your body directly in the comfort of your home. 

  • ARGAN BLACK SOAP 8 OZ:  natural emollient for a complete cleaning and elimination of dead cells.
  • RHASSOUL CLAY MASK 8 OZ:  is an ultra gentle treatment, Rhassoul doesn't disperse dirt, but absorbs it as a blotter & cleans it.
  • ORGANIC ARGAN OIL 2 OZ: argan oil for the face, body, and hair will provide you hydration & protection against external aggression. 
    •  ECLA EXFOLIATING GLOVE Holidays Gift from us!

    Your ECLA Home Spa Kit will cost you half price of one appointment at your favorite spa.

    RETAIL PRICE: 112.95$ 

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    Skin Care Deluxe Pack
     Get a nourished, hydrated and glowing skin with our Skin Care Deluxe Pack! 

    • ROSE WATER TONER 4 OZ: Clean, tone and balance your skin pH with organic rose water toner.
    • ORGANIC ARGAN OIL 2 OZ: argan oil for the face will nourish and protect your skin against external aggression. 
    • ARGAN NIGHT CREAM 1.6 OZ: deeply moisturizes & softens the skin reduces the look of wrinkles, fine lines.

    Get Your nourished and glowing skin back with our Skin Care Deluxe Pack!

    RETAIL PRICE: $97.95
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    ECLA Signature Pack
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    ECLA Home Spa Kit
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    Skin Care Deluxe Pack
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